‘Jack’ – 2D Platform Game designed and scripted in GameMaker using GML

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‘Jack’ is a first year collaborative university project designed and developed by myself, Tom Clifton and Sarah Hall in the game engine/editor GameMaker. The game is scripted using GameMaker Language (GML), the native scripting language for GameMaker.

Each team member was required to design and develop two levels each of a unified game. After deciding on a 2D platform game, we chose to center our individual level designs around three separate game mechanisms, but with unifying elements across the six levels.

This was a good first opportunity to conceptualise and develop a simple game with a small team. It helped to highlight some of the various design issues inherent in any development cycle and was our first chance to be creative and challenge our level design and game balancing skills.

It is slightly buggy and not perfect but for inexperienced first year students, I’m proud of our first game demo! We were marked and praised highly for this piece of work and were given a prize of a GAME voucher as well as having the game showcased on University of Westminster’s website!

I designed levels 2-1 and 2-2, centered around the jetpack game mechanic and was heavily involved in writing many of the main scripts for game functionality.

Click the link to download Jack_MasterGame.exe via Dropbox. Game instructions can be viewed here.

Also check out my initial level design sketches below:

Level1-1 Level1-2 Level2-1 Level2-2


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