Original Game Pitch – Game Design Document & Presentation (‘Demolition Dave’)

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As part of a Professional Practice module (lecturer and prolific veteran game designer Jon Hare) at university I was asked to write up an extensive game design document, encompassing several things – firstly, an original game design pitch of my own. Secondly, a ‘licensed’ game design pitch; this involved choosing from three given licenses (pop artist Madonna, insurance website ‘Compare the Market’ and the movie ‘Drive’) and pitching a design idea around this.

I was also asked to explore the various roles involved in a game studio (design, production, programming, QA, art, etc) and discuss their particular roles and responsibilities. Further to this we were asked to write up a production schedule as if the game were going into full production, including estimated staff numbers required for each milestone, their expected responsibilities and the man hours required.

I was also required to present my idea to three industry professionals and to the rest of my fellow students on my course with a presentation.

View the design document  here  and the presentation here.

This module was incredibly insightful, showing us the level of detail and planning that goes into pitching new game ideas; be it from a new IP or an existing license. Having an industry professional like Jon teaching us this module was fantastic and very helpful as he brought in guest lecturers from several key areas of the industry.

Jon praised my work throughout this module and was particularly impressed with my design document and pitch for my original IP ‘Demolition Dave’. Both himself and the other members judging my presentation even said they would have been willing to take the game into production if it had been a genuine pitch.


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