Final Year Project – 3D Game Using Microsoft’s Kinect (C# XNA)

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For my dissertation/thesis I investigated the current uses of pervasive computing in games, paying particular attention to Microsoft Kinect.

I decided to build a short game demo in C# using XNA and utilising the Kinect voice recognition functionality which in my opinion is criminally underused. I’m a huge fan of old-skool adventure books/games such as choose your own adventure books and point and click games so I thought this could be a novel and interesting concept.

I built the games engine from scratch, so although it may look primitive (remember, I’m no artist/animator) a great deal of technical and design went into this short demonstration. I intend to work on and elaborate on this idea in the future.

In the mean time, please watch the demo video above or click the link below to read my thesis. The thesis includes source code and all design work.

Final Year Project


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