‘Jack Skellington Puzzle’ – Basic Flash Game in AS3

Posted by on Apr 29, 2012 in Portfolio, Programming Work | 2 comments

This was the first piece of coursework on a module at university based on learning Flash animation skills and ActionScript 3.0. You must drag each┬áseparate piece of the ‘puzzle’ into the centre and manipulate the scale and rotation of it and set it in place.

Play the game below!

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  1. 7-19-2012

    OMG, I just sat down and watched Nightmare before Christmas again… so funny to find your post now! I wish I could live in HalloweenTown, it’s too cool!

    • 2-8-2013

      So where do you go to play the game? This seems like a good concept (esp. with the song porialputy) and it’s cool you had fun making it. Sidebar this just made me think of the video game you did for N.E.R.D where it looked like Mario Brothers and they had to jump up on all those different levels!! I loved that game and was hooked for like a week nonstop. Then I had to get back to reality, and not forgo things important like eating and bathing. Anyway, back to the question: what’s the website to play this?Hopefully you made it a little hard where the girls are moving or something

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