‘Heaven Vs Hell’ – DirectX RTS game in C++

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‘Heaven Vs Hell’ is a group project by myself, and two university colleagues (thanks to Tom Clifton and Paul Rosson). It is a RTS game coded in C++ using DirectX. In it you can play as one of two factions (Heaven or Hell) and battle against computer AI to defeat them.

My main role throughout this project was to refine certain aspects of the design, including faction units/buildings and statistics such as health points, movement speed, strength, etc. I was also responsible for game balancing, level layout and QA. I also assisted in designing and implementing the game UI.
In addition to this I also assisted with coding where required.

The above video was created by Tom Clifton and displays the current progress on the project – more details will be added when further progress is made.

(Source code available on request)

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