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Here are some screenshots of an Ancient Egyptian style FPS level I designed and created using the Unreal Development Kit. There are examples of use of the Terrain Editor, using BSP brushes and materials, as well as static meshes  (including plantlife, waterfalls, ancient statues and debris). There are also examples of interactive objects, lighting, and use of Matinee and the Kismet systems.

The level contains a large desert area with bodies of water (waterfall and a river) as well as ancient ruins, statues and three pyramids. There are two puzzles within the smaller pyramids that must be solved to unlock the large central pyramid.

The level is designed as a showcase only and is not part of a larger project.
Example video of level coming soon!

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  1. 7-3-2012

    @esponert105 I donb4 @esponert105 I donb4t really have enceriexpe with text messages and custom menus. But you could look on the videos from guys that are making some sort of RPG with UDK. Some of them have really cool HUDs. Maybe you could use Scaleform for your menus, that is what I think Bioware used in Mass Effect 2 alot and it looked great. So search for: scaleform, rpg videos on youtube and 3D buzz und 3D eat tutorials. I hope this helps!

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