Here’s a quick summary of my experience in the games industry, showing what studios I’ve worked for and in what capacity, along with specific titles that I’m credited in.

I’ve also added any personal projects and competition entries here too.

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I worked for Headstrong Games as a QA Tester during my first year summer break and second year summer break from university (a total of around 7-8 months work). This was invaluable as it taught me the specific tasks that QA are responsible for. It also exposed me to the inner workings of a game studio and taught me more about the game development cycle, as well as teaching me to use software such as Testtrack and Hansoft and dev kits for most major consoles including XBox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo 3DS.

I was credited on the following titles during my time at the studio:





My first full time position in the games industry was working for educational startup ‘If You Can’, founded by video games hall of fame veteran, Trip Hawkins. Working on a live, educational iOS RPG in an Agile development team was hard work but fantastic fun and learned a great deal working with a group of experienced, passionate people at the top of their game.

I was the sole QA on the team when I was first hired, tasked with implementing a formal QA process from nothing. Being thrown in at the deep was the best way for me to learn and adapt quickly to my work and being an active part of the development team was fantastic. I learned a plethora of agile testing skills and contributed regularly to design tasks using Unity. This taught me a ton about the more technical aspects of professional game development and served to increase my unending passion for the industry.

Seeing the QA team, the team as a whole and the quality of the product increase from early development stages to completion of 12 chapters of game went on was deeply satisfying and I very much valued my position at the company.